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Upcoming Training

2018 Safe and Healthy Churches Training

Sep 28, 2018 to Sep 29, 2018

On September 28-29, 2018 in San Diego, CA FaithTrust Institute and InFaith Community Foundation are offering a groundbreaking training to infuse faith communities with the tools and knowledge they need to address domestic violence, child abuse and other forms of relationship violence. "Safe and Healthy Churches: Ending Family Violence" Training focuses on educating a team within each church community, to create a core leadership with a shared mission of preventing violence, supporting victims, and holding perpetrators accountable. Read more...

Teaching Healthy Boundaries 101 & 201 [October, 2018]

Oct 22, 2018 to Oct 23, 2018

OCTOBER 22-23, 2018—at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN. This course will equip trainers to teach Healthy Boundaries 101 & 201. It is designed for those persons designated by their judicatory or organization to train clergy and spiritual teachers about healthy boundaries. Read more...


Recent Blog Posts

Southern Baptist #ChurchToo

As the #MeToo/#ChurchToo movement continues to echo through faith communities, there is news from the Southern Baptist Convention. Southern Baptist leaders over the years have not only ignored sexual and domestic violence suffered by its members but many have actively excused and rationalized men’s violence towards women often with erroneous biblical proof texting. But it appears time may be up.



Guest Blog: Hope in the Research, Part 2

Since 2008, FaithTrust generously has posted on its website a continuing document I compile, Annotated Bibliography of Clergy Sexual Abuse and Sexual Boundary Violations in Religious Communities. Intended to be extensive and broad, the bibliography, as of the semi-annual update of May 1, 2018, is now 1,660+ pages. From the new entries in this 32nd update, the following are notable themes in the literature which deserve attention...



Kings, Queens, and #MeToo: A Sermon for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

How many of you remember learning about Bathsheba in Sunday School or Bible class? Well, what I remember about Bathsheba was that she had tempted King David, causing him to sin. She was held up as the antithesis to Christian womanhood. I carried that notion until I was in seminary and read II Samuel for myself. The picture I saw there was very different. One thing I noticed immediately was that in the text we never hear Bathsheba’s voice. We hear David’s voice; we even hear Bathsheba’s husband’s voice. But never her voice.


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